This statement relates to privacy practices currently in place in our organisation and on this website.

We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other websites. Any external links to other websites are clearly identifiable as such. Some technical terms used in this statement are explained at the end of this page.

General Statement

Maxmedia Ireland fully respects, and takes your right to privacy with utmost seriousness, and will not collect or publish any personal information about you through this website without your clear consent. Any personal information which you volunteer will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, strictly in accordance with the General data Protection  Regulation (GDPR), the Irish  Data Protection Act 2018 and SI 336 of 2011 EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES (ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS AND SERVICES) (PRIVACY AND ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS) REGULATIONS 2011. Your use of the website is subject to your agreement with this policy.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

No personal data about you is, or will be collected on this website, apart from information which you volunteer (for example by using our online enquiry form). Any information which you provide in this way is not made available to any third parties, and is used only in line with the purpose for which it is provided. For the purposes of reviewing any information or content via email, we will retain your email with your contact details on our email system for a period of three months in order for us to contact you, only in relation your request and the content you have sent to us. After three months we will permanently delete your email and contact details from our system unless there is a legal requirement under national or EU legislation which imposes restriction on the delete of emails. Where this happens, you will be informed.

Collection and use of technical information

This website uses temporary “session” cookies which enable a visitor’s web browser to remember which pages on this website have already been visited. No other information is stored in this cookie. Visitors can use this website with no loss of functionality if cookies are disabled from the web browser. Technical details in connection with visits to this website are logged by our internet service provider for our use in generating data for statistical purposes. No information is collected on the website that could be used by us to personally identify website visitors. The technical details logged are confined to the following items:

The IP Address of the Visitor’s Web Server

This the top-level domain name used (for example .i.e., .com, .org, .net)  by the previous website address from which the visitor reached us. Google analytics which shows the traffic of visitors around this web site (for example pages accessed) the type of web browser and operating system used by the website visitor. Maxmedia Ireland will make no attempt to identify individual visitors, or to associate the technical details listed above with any individual. It is not our policy to disclose such technical information in respect of individual website visitors to any third party (apart from our internet service provider, which records such data on our behalf and which is bound by  contractual confidentiality provisions in this regard), unless obliged to disclose such information by law. The technical information will be used only by Maxmedia Ireland, and only for statistical and administrative purposes. You should note that technical details, which we cannot associate with any identifiable individual, do not constitute “personal data” for the purposes of the Data Protection Acts, 1988 – 2003 and SI 336 of 2011 European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks & Services) (Privacy & Electronic Communications) Regulations 2011.

Rights of the Data Subject

GDPR as well as the Irish Data Protection Act 2018, provides you with the right to know how personal data held about you by us is used. Outlined below are your rights as defined under the Regulation,

  • You have the right to ascertain if your personal data are being processed by us.

  • You have the right to access your personal data held by us on our systems. You can request for a copy of your personal details by writing to us using the address at the bottom of the page. You can also formally email us at Please note that all access requests received via email will be responded to electronically unless otherwise agreed.

  • You have the right to be informed that your personal information is being collected fairly, for one or more limited lawful purposes. Where  this happens , you will be provided with;

  1. details of who holds your data;

  2. what your data is being used for;

  3. why it is being used;

  4. any other information relating to your personal details.

  • You have the right to correct or amend your personal details particularly in instances where inaccuracies exist. Factually, incorrect data can be corrected however; it is your responsibility to provide us with accurate and truthful personal information. Max Media Ireland will not be held accountable for any material that is provided to us that is incorrect.

  • You have the right to request erasure of your personal data where one of the following condition applies;

  • You withdraw consent to processing of your personal data and there are no subsequent grounds for further processing. Your personal data may be retained where we have an obligation to comply with a legislative requirement (e.g. we will retain transactional information for seven years in compliance with requirement under the Finance Act);

  • You have the right to prevent use of your personal details. You have the right to refuse your data to be used for other purpose(s) e.g. direct marketing or research.

  • You have the right to prevent use of your personal data for direct marketing purpose.

How Do I Request Access to My Details?

Where inaccuracies exist, you can request to have your personal data updated by formally initiating a subject access request by writing to us at the address below. We will engage with you to ensure that your request is adequately and promptly addressed.

We have an obligation to respond to your request within 1 month from the date of receipt of your request. The first request shall be free but subsequent requests may incur a charge. Depending on the nature of the request and the volume of request, there are situations where processing of your access request may take longer than the one month allowable response window as define under GDPR as well as the Data Protection Acts 2018. Where this is the case, we will inform you within the first month that the request will take longer.

You are also required to provide us with one form of identification such as a copy of your passport or driver’s license. It will be destroyed once the subject access request has been honoured.

To facilitate and speed up your request, you are advised to provide as much information as possible. Requesting for “all information” may be deemed disproportionate and can result in unnecessary delays to your request. If you require specific information, please be clear about the information you require.

Complaints about data processed via the website

If you are concerned about how personal data is processed via this website, please do not hesitate to bring such concerns to our attention by contacting us at We will respond  to  all complaints in a timely manner as soon as they’re received.

Third Party Websites

This privacy statement does not address, and we are not responsible for, the privacy, information or other practices of any third parties, including any third party operating any website to which this website contains a link. The inclusion of a link on the website does not imply endorsement of the linked website by us.

Additionally, we may provide you with access to third-party functionality that permits you to post content to your social media account(s). Please note that any information that you provide through use of this functionality is governed by the applicable third party’s privacy policy, and not by this privacy policy, and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check these policies before you submit any personal data to these websites.

Glossary of terms used

Web browser: The piece of software you use to read web pages. Examples are Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

IP address: The identifying details for your computer, or your internet company’s computer, expressed in “internet protocol” code (for example Every computer connected to the web has a unique IP address, although the address may not be the same every time a connection is made.

Cookies: Small pieces of information, stored in simple text files, placed on your computer by a web site. Cookies can be read by the web site on your subsequent visits. The information stored in a cookie may relate to your browsing habits on the web page, or a unique identification number so that the web site can “remember” you on your return visit. Generally speaking, cookies do not contain personal information from which you can be identified, unless you have furnished such information to the web site.

Personal Data: In this policy personal data means data relating to a living individual who is or can be identified either from the data or from the data in conjunction with other information that is in, or is likely to come into, our possession, and includes personal data as described in the Data Protection Legislation.

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